How Do Auto Glass Gets Cracked or Chipped?

A quality windscreen is shockingly durable. But, they are intended manufactured with glass. Meaning, it can still be damaged. If you want to know the most typical reasons why your auto glass becomes cracked or chipped causing you to avail of auto glass replacement service, check out the list below: 


Collisions and accidents are the ultimate cause of windscreen damage. These could extend from drivers who accidentally hit an animal while driving to traffic accidents that involve 2 or more automobiles and even bird strikes are among them. The ideal way for you to secure your windscreen from this type of damage would be to drive vigilantly and carefully and always pay attention to your surroundings. If you get caught in an accident, make sure to contact your car insurance and towing company to assist you.  

Poor glass quality or installation 

 Stress cracks can impact a windscreen as well due to structural glass weakness. Commonly, such fractures take place first all over the windscreen’s edges, which is the spot that’s most susceptible to cracking. Apart from that, they could be caused by improper installation methods. Because of this, it’s really vital to guarantee that your auto glass is made of high-quality materials and has been properly fitted with the help of a skilled technician. This is to guarantee that your windscreen can give the protection and structural support it’s intended to if ever a collision happens.  

Abrupt temperature changes 

The sudden and fast temperature changes are the least known reason why your auto glasses get damaged. As a result, it could result in your glass to either expand or contract. Usually, human error plays a great role in this. For instance: 

  • Blasting the AC of the car once it gets extremely hot inside.  
  • Leaving your vehicle sitting under the heat of light during a hot day. 
  • Utilizing boiling water to defrost your windowscreen.  

Bad weather 

If you live in an area where the weather is dynamic and always changing, this can be a huge factor in your windscreen damages. Debris and tree branches that were blown by high winds would result in a similar kind of damage like stones since it could be heavy hailstones. When you own covered parking space or a garage, perhaps it would be a nice idea to make use of them and keep off the roads during stormy weather.  

Road debris 

Gravel, pebbles, stones, and rocks are thrown up by some vehicle tires are some of the most common reasons why windscreen gets damaged. Such hard and small projectiles that travel at speed can simply affect your windscreen, causing the glass to crack or chip. Though you can’t actually fully prevent being struck by a random stone, you can at least minimize the risk of experiencing it if you leave enough room between the vehicle in front and your vehicle. The general rule would be to minimize your speed as you drive since another vehicle can possibly overtake you. Moreover, make sure to be careful as you travel on areas where there’s an ongoing construction or traveling on gravel.