Painting your house on your own can be a very fun thing to do. It also okay as it does not require skills to be good at painting your house’s interior and exterior. All you need to do is to be equipped with the right tools and make some research. However, it is always recommended that you hire a painting service in Scranton to have the best quality result you want in your house and paint. This is because no matter how we try to do it our own, we can never beat the professionalism of these services.  



The following are the house painting mistakes that almost everyone makes when they paint their interior and exterior on their own.  


1.Choosing the inappropriate colors 

One of the bad moves you can do is when you choose the color of your preference and buy some gallons of it, and now that you have applied it on your wall, it does not look good anymore. The way how you see it on the sample can be different when you apply it now on your wall To avoid this, you can ask for some free paint samples and try them on your wall to see if it fits your liking day and night. If it does, go and buy some gallons.  


  1. Doing the “first-timer” errors

The following are the things that rookies usually do: 

Leaving the lid off of the can. There are many potential issues that you could experience when you do this such as drying the paint too soon, painting curd, accidental spills, and more.  

Not locking out pets and children whenever you so the painting.  



If you want to have a very smooth finishing, brush as smoothly as you can. This is ho you do it: After loading some paint on it and leveling it off, brush the brush in the same area. Avoid brushing over and over again especially when the paint has already dried. 


4.Spray painting without covers 

Never underestimate the tendency of over spraying when you use this equipment. Avoid putting so much paint and creating a mess by covering everything in sight with drop cloths and plastic. Also, when you are working on your exterior house, avoid working when it is too windy, which can cause a messy project.  


5.Applying paint on glossy finishes 

Give a glossy surface some “tooth” before applying new paint. This is because the surface which already has a coat of glossy paint to varnish. To do this, you just need to sand the surface thoroughly to remove hard surfaces before wiping the surface with a liquid deglosser. This will make the paint attach more to the wall’s surface.  


Other mistakes: 

  • Panting in low light 
  • Treating the untextured ceilings just like walls 
  • You don’t add some paint conditioner 
  • Not suing stain blocker when painting wood 
  • You let the roller touch the floor 
  • Putting the paint or exposing it in extreme temperatures 
  • Bumping on the ceiling when painting the wall