Your roof is probably one of the biggest investments you’re going to make in your house. It is also one of the most important components of your home since it protects you, your family, and your belongings against various elements, such as rain and snow. 

A roof that is properly installed is generally one of the most durable and reliable components of a home. However, any type of roof can fail without the right maintenance and care. This is particularly true if you ignore your storm and hail damage roof repair needs. 

Here are a couple of popular reasons why a roof fails: 

No Preventative Maintenance 

Homeowners are often not willing to follow up on a simple preventative maintenance measure. You shouldn’t do the same. You should keep any debris from piling up. This includes sticks or leaves. Also, you’ve got to inspect your roof every year by hiring an expert roofing contractor. They are trained to search for possible issues. 

3rd Party Damage 

If you utilize a 3rd-party vendor, you are opening up your roof to a lot of issues. A 3rd party vendor can include a cable provider or a satellite installer. It can also be a contractor who installs venting or extra skylights. That is why it is ideal to figure out all the accessories and options that you would want to have before you install a new roof. This will help you save a lot of money and time in the future. Other expert services that professionals suggest proceeding with caution include installing holiday lights and cleaning the gutters. 

Use of Mismatched Materials 

Particular materials such as iron and copper can actually result in a lot faster deterioration of the roof, aside from the aesthetic features of mismatched tiles, metal, or shingles. Also, mismatching will void the important warranty of the manufacturer.  

Lack of Flashing 

A couple of contractors will try to prevent the labor and the cost of including plastic or metal flashing on their roof installations. But, it’s a vital feature in a roof. These items are made to last for 20 years or more. Flashing is required to improve the waterproof seal around the penetrations of the roof. This includes walls, skylights, vents, chimneys, and soil pipes. 

Poor Installation 

A roof nowadays should be constructed with precise engineering. All components have been researched thoroughly and tested. This will help meet all standards set forth by the NRBCC (National Residential Building Construction Code). This includes the number of nails used to the starting course of shingles, all the way down to the underlayment. A reliable roofing contractor will always follow all the standards of national construction. When installing a new roof, they should also follow the regulations of the state code.  

If a contractor does not follow through with these standards, it will only result in missing shingles, leaks, and an overall deterioration of the whole roofing system. This is the reason why it is extremely important to hire a reliable and professional roofing contractor. You can avoid these issues by doing so.